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Introducing Omnium


Season's Greetings!

With 2018 wrapping up and as you start looking ahead to 2019, I wanted to introduce Omnium, Your Customer Marketing Solution™.

Whether you’re a current, past or future partner of ours we would like to formally introduce our team. We have over 35 years of CPG experience, and we partner with your organization to develop and implement effective solutions to your toughest challenges.

Using our unique combination of mathematical techniques and data science skills we develop insights & analysis to create customer marketing strategies and effective business models designed to grow your sales and achieve your strategic vision.

Omnium prides itself on its commitment to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Your challenges are our challenges. Your success is our success. When you work with Omnium, you work directly with our team.

We will be attending Fancy Food in January so please reach out to to schedule a meeting.

The team at Omnium wishes you all a Happy Holidays!


Johnny, Colin, and Adam

Johnny ValerioteOmnium