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Data Analyst





As a Data Analyst your main role will involve a lot of learning about the industry we service and the tools we use. You will utilize mathematical models in order to gain insights from large data sets. You will summarize the insights and present them to clients who will transform them into business actions.

Task List

  1. Data Manipulation

  2. Insights Gathering

  3. Mathematical Modelling

  4. Powerpoint Presentation

Data Manipulation

You will pull grocery scan data from syndicated data bases. Using advanced Microsoft Excel techniques, you will summarize, clean, and transfer information across data sets. (e.g. Pulling data from IRI, SPINs, or AC Nielsen and identifying/coding each holiday week in your data set)

Insights Gathering

Find useful insights that can drive actionable recommendations that align with our client’s goals. (e.g. Product X sells twice as much when it is promoted at $1.50 off compared to $1.00 off)

Mathematical Modelling

You will utilize linear regression modelling to inform simulations of various business actions and their financial implications allowing our clients to make better decisions. (e.g. Predicting that if the price of Product X goes above a key threshold it will lose Y% of its unit sales)

Powerpoint Presentation

You will summarize your insights and business simulations into easy to understand infographics tailored to answer business questions.



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