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Director - Operations




Director - Operations Research Analyst

The business intelligence position is focused on leveraging business data for a variety of purposes, ranging from operational reporting to multidimensional views of customers, to uncovering new business capabilities. Responsible for collecting, securing, and reporting on data that spans on both internal business system as well as core product infrastructure.


$100,506 to $135,000


  • Develop and apply time and cost networks to plan, control and review large projects

  • Develop business methods and procedures, including accounting systems, file systems, office systems, logistics systems and production schedules

  • Educate staff in the use of mathematical models

  • Formulate mathematical or simulation models of problems, relating constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives and their numerical parameters

  • Responsible for training and managing new employees

  • Responsible for bringing in new clients, managing client relationships and advising clients on business decisions

  • Collaborate with senior managers and decisions makers to identify and solve a variety of problems and to clarify management objectives

  • Collaborate with others in the organization to ensure successful implementation of chosen problems with solutions

  • Analyze data, past trends, current conditions, etc. to assist customers with business needs

  • Analyze information obtained from management to conceptualize and define operational problems

  • Break systems into their components, assign numerical values to each component, and examine the mathematical relationships between them

  • Design, conduct, and evaluate experimental operational models in cases where models cannot be developed from existing data

  • Study and analyze information about alternative course of action to determine which plan will offer the best outcome

  • Observe current system in operation and gather and analyze information about each of the parts of component problems, using a variety of sources

  • Present the results of mathematical modeling and data analysis to management or other end users, reports defining and evaluating problems and recommending solutions

  • Support the financial department


Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science or related field and 48 months of experience in the job offered or related occupation. Industry experience preferred.


  • Analyze data to identify or resolve operational problems, trends or relationships amongst variables

  • Analyze project data to determine specifications or requirements

  • Apply information technology to solve business or other applied problems

  • Apply mathematical principals or statistical approaches to solve problems

  • Conduct research to gain information about products or processes

  • Design computer modeling or simulation programs

  • Experience in creating business models and scenarios to drive decision making

  • Product and project management experience

  • Familiarity with program languages (R, Python)

  • Experience with using databases and SQL

  • Advanced analytical, quantitative and statistical skills

  • Advanced spreadsheet software skills

  • Experience with client management and presenting to C-level executives.



Please mail resumes to Omnium, Attn: Human Resources, Position of Director-Operations Research Analyst, at 88 Townsend Street, Unite 321, San Francisco, CA 94107.